How Can I Show My Puppy I Love Him?

It goes without saying that a puppy is not hard to love. However, you need to remember that there is more involved in loving your puppy than simply showing affection. This will include taking care of a lot of basic needs, including food, water and shelter. Additionally, you can work with your dog to train him or her from the time that they are a puppy. This will help your puppy to become well-behaved and well-rounded and foster a good relationship and bond between the both of you.

First off, your puppy needs to feel safe. Even though putting your puppy in a crate might not feel as though it is a way to show love, it helps to offer a nice, secure place that makes your puppy feel as if it is their own space. Just be sure that you are able to look for a crate that is sized just right and not too big or too small. The training process may seem daunting, but it can also help to get your puppy into a good routine, which will help for scheduling bathroom breaks, walks, playtime and more.

Of course, playtime is another important factor in showing your puppy a great deal of love. This play time is not only a wonderful way to make sure that the dog gets enough exercise, but it will help to form a bond between you. Additionally, research has shown that puppies that get ample play time and walks will be less likely to chew on items around the home and cause mischief.

Teaching your puppy a series of commands, working with your puppy for potty training and making sure that you snuggle with your puppy and give plenty of rubs on the belly or behind the ears can all be great ways to reinforce the love. Before you know it, your puppy will be growing into a happy, healthy, well-rounded dog and a member of your family!